This blog began as an experiment in communicating two years ago, and I’ve decided that it’s time for me to move on to other communication projects, including more ‘long form’ professional writing.  I’m intrigued by the potential to develop long form writing through social media, so that may be the next step.

With so many arrows at our disposal, choosing which forms of communication will reach others or have the impact we hope for, has become one of the critical skills for effectiveness in advancing the mission of libraries and of higher education.  So I will leave this 3×3 form with a shout-out to a librarian, Valerie Gross, who has demonstrated exceptional skill in this regard, finding the simplest of “branding” for her Maryland library system, and indeed for any and all libraries:  “Library = Education”:

“Libraries = Education means asserting the role of libraries as key components of the educational enterprise. It applies to all types of libraries. For public libraries, it means we are educational institutions in our own right, on an equal footing with K–12 schools, colleges, and universities. For academic libraries, it means we’re on an equal footing with every academic department on campus, and maybe even more central, because we support all the other departments. We’re central to success for students, faculty, and staff—the university as a whole.”

Enjoy the weekend and I look forward to our ongoing conversations and communications!