I’ve just finished up my conference notes from the April 28 University of San Diego conference on digital initiatives, and on Wednesday submitted the paper I presented, about our <iDi> initiatives: the amazing things we’ve accomplished together in a few short years. I’ve posted both on the wiki and will add a link to the paper from our iDi page.  (Feedback & questions welcome!) As we begin to draft strategic goals for the coming year, one of the most exciting digital initiatives that we’re developing is about digital research services: taking our research support services to the next level to support every step in the cycle of research, from exploration and inquiry to  publishing. How can we integrate and coordinate our efforts across this cycle, wherever and however people interact with the library? That’s an exciting <iDi-2> challenge.

In the annual spring conference season, many of our librarians and staff have been on the road – several are off to ESRI soon for all things geospatial, others are heading this month to New Orleans for ASEE (Adriana will be participating in a panel session on changing librarian liaison roles), Kaila’s just back from presenting at Learning Elevated in Utah about Inquiry-Based Learning in mathematics, and others are bringing back ideas and inspiration from the American Alliance of Museums and NeoCon (that’s interior design, not politics!).   In July I’ll participate at the annual meeting of the Society for College & University Planners (SCUP),  in a panel organized by our library master plan partners from Shepley Bullfinch: we’ll each be talking about how the learning affordances of print and digital library collections and spaces shape space planning decisions at universities.

summerreadingOne of the great traditions of summer is reading – it’s not that we don’t read all year – but summer reading has a special appeal.  On my desk – a couple of books on organizational culture that are really good; a beautifully written book about “The Boys in the Boat”  – the 1936 team of kids from Oregon that won Olympic gold in Berlin in the depths of the depression; and Andy Clark’s “Surfing Uncertainty“.   It had me at the first page:

“The mystery is, and remains, how mere matter manages to give rise to thinking, imagining, dreaming, and the whole smorgasbord of mentality, emotion, and intelligent action. …But there is an emerging clue. …The clue can be summed up in a single word: prediction…Perceiving, imagining, understanding, and acting are now bundled together, emerging as different aspects and manifestations of the same underlying prediction-driven, uncertainty-sensitive, machinery.”

What’s on your summer reading list?

Have a great weekend,