Happy Friday and last day of the academic year!

This is a time of year for celebrations of all kinds – a few endings and many new beginnings.  We are all in awe of the achievements of our student assistants and SLAC members.   Each has dedicated a huge number of precious hours, and their insight, creative vision, hard work, and positive and friendly energy have made the library more beautiful, more functional, more responsive, and more interesting. SLAC’s best-ever student survey results will keep that student voice going through the summer as we work to implement more improvements that next year’s returning and new students will be able to use in the fall.  This month we are also celebrating two of our librarians who have attained tenure and promotion this year:  Jesse Vestermark and Mark Bieraugel.  Congratulations!

At this time of year, senior projects pour into DigitalCommons (solar powered hot-tubs… apps … teaching physics…city ordinances…water-use-reduction…).  One senior project – the amazing reclaimed Mustang sculpture – will leave the library Sunday evening under the watchful eye of the students, faculty, and staff who made it happen.  Next fall another group of students will help the campus decide on its permanent location.  It will be fun to see where the as-yet-unnamed sculpture will find a home!  A number of senior projects have directly addressed library projects, initiatives and improvements.  Several of us also consulted on other senior projects about the library:  how to expand seating, increase access to electrical power, and more. These student research projects are alwlib_logo-14.pngays fantastic sources of inspiration and ideas.

Wherever you are this summer, you can follow along with our summer work via our social media and renovations updates web page.

Congratulations grads, come back to see us and stay in touch!  You will always be a part of the Kennedy Library family.

And a good weekend to all!


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