It’s that time of year – Learn by Doing is in full bloom everywhere. This afternoon the College of Engineering opens their Engineering Project Expo in the Engineering quad; and tonight “Unlicensed” – the Architecture Thesis Project show – opens in Chumash and runs through the weekend.   Selections from this show will get more exposure and longer life in our new architecture reading area on the third floor, through the summer.  And in the Community Gallery you can still check out today the Honors program research posters – they feature critical thinking, data analysis, and informative comparisons of this year’s presidential candidates’ positions on sustainability.  Just in time for the California primary!

Next week we’ll be sharing even more Learn by Doing news:  the selection of 2016 Learn by Doing Scholars by this year’s faculty committee will be announced.  We’ll celebrate their achievements this fall at the library’s New Faculty Reception.   The award committee and awardees alike spoke about the importance of recognizing how faculty are working to improve Learn by Doing. One said: “It was amazing to see the diversity of how professors across campus applied our common university motto of Learn by Doing in such rich, intentional, measurable and interesting ways.”  Also next week: we’re announcing the release of an ebook version of President Robert E. Kennedy’s heavily used, detail-rich personal memoir, Learn by Doing. On our digital archives it’s now shared with the world, searchable, and readable with page-turning software (courtesy of the Internet Archive).

As you may know I really like jazz:  my uncle – a beautiful guy, a DJ-turned corrections reformer –  taught me about jazz and used to take me to Blues Alley in DC when I was a graduate student. Here’s a nice bit you may enjoy on Wired:  a video about the “beautiful relationship between physics and jazz.”    Physicist Stephon Alexander describes quantum particle behavior as “considering” and choosing a path, just like a jazz musician choosing how to improvise on a melodic line.

Go Warriors! 

And happy Memorial Day all,