It’s been such a beautiful week here – but very cold.  The library already offers students rain ponchos for those occasional downpours, and personal or industry-strength fans when it gets hot.  But we hadn’t tackled the problem of cold until today! Borrowing an idea from one of our loveliest downtown restaurants, we’ve decided to buy a number of large heaters for the atrium – you’ve seen them at manblanketsy an outdoor cafe. And with local restaurants lending fluffy blankets to ward off evening chills, we’re not to be outdone!  Watch for a new supply of Kennedy Library blankets, available for pick up and drop off at the entrance.  Just like kindergarten!

I’m really excited about the recently announced ruling of California’s highest court.  As advocates for expanded access to research information, librarians everywhere are envying our state’s sweeping decision to eliminates all barriers of access to research information.  All information will now be free, to all students throughout California.  The savings for CSU libraries will san-diego-public-library-luce-studio-photo-by-tex-jernigan-(c)-zahner-6674have an immense impact on our campuses.  One proposal for repurposing the library’s digital collections budget is to add a sixth floor to the library modeled after this one in San Diego – expanding seating by 500 and providing new outdoor seating with extraordinary views.

stanfordI’ve been thinking about acceptance rates – a metric many universities use to benchmark their selectivity and excellence. At many highly rated universities, the ratio of applications to admissions is – for today’s students – terrifyingly small.  But it turns out that there is a limit to this trend, as reported in Frank Bruni’s fascinating article in the New York Times: “Admissions Shocker!

Have a great weekend!