Happy Friday…and the last day of the quarter!

Over the last month ExTeam and our financial team have been thoroughly updating the library’s spending plans, and looking at how July planning and December reality meet.  This is less predictable than you’d think: between people, politics, publishers, and projects, there’s a lot that can change in six months!  Rest assured that all our programs are funded this year; our focus now is on the longer term picture and emerging trends.  Library budgets are a pretty unique beast, and like other “free” services, utilities or infrastructure, a bit of a mystery to our customers. Getting the university to understand what their library needs to operate is a challenge for every library director I’ve known. But, we have some great talents here to help us visualize data and I’m excited to see how we can do this.

I’ll be at the fall meeting of CNI next week.  CNI (the Coalition for Networked Information) is the marvelous organizational invention, in 1990, of the visionary Paul Evan Peters.  Peters’ invention brings education and cultural technologists and research libraries together to share the latest applications and experiments in how we are using the web to help people learn. Two themes that stand out in this fall’s program are maturing ideas and questions about sustainable open access; and techniques for capturing and sharing a digital cultural record.  Just one example:  a paulprototype history research tool designed to aggregate information about people and social networks across multiple archives.

I’ve been thinking about Learning Management Systems (LMS’s).  We want library resources to be easily integrated and easily found by faculty and students alike, including the digital spaces that faculty and students naturally spend time in.  What does ideal library-LMS integration look like?  There’s a CSU system-wide review of LMS products happening this year and we could learn a lot from participating in this and learning from our peer libraries about their best practices.  If you know of great practices or resources for library-LMS issues – let me know!

Finally, congratulations and thank you to our hard-working student assistants for all you’ve accomplished this fall quarter.  For those of you heading off to winter break, have a wonderful break. We can’t wait to see you in the new year!  And for our students who are graduating, it is truly hard to see you go – but we are incredibly happy for you. You have enriched our lives and and made the library a more beautiful, friendly, and functional home for all students, and that’s a huge accomplishment.  You will always have a place in our hearts – please stay in touch.

Have a great weekend,