Happy Friday (the 13th – again! there are three of them this year)!

As we polish off the Annual Publication and begin to think about this year’s holiday card, we’ve been learning about new branding guidelines for Cal Poly that are rolling out this fall.  One new branding element is a graphical “shield’ (triangle shape) designed by local artist and Cal Poly grad, Pierre Rademaker. It incorporates symbols from the official Cal Poly seal (round).  Curious?  There’s more on the new marketing web site.  We’ll be getting guidance out to everyone on library implementation of the branding as we learn more.

At this week’s Inclusive Excellence Council meeting we heard from a newish faculty member, Coleen Carrigan, who’s been working, with her students, on a research project called Advancing Cultural Change, based in part on the Campus Climate Survey data.  They are also using some interesting qualitative and ethnographic approaches to get a better understanding of how the physical environment plays a role in the sense of welcome, equity, comfort, etc. in the life of students, faculty and staff.  One of the ‘isms’ she reported hearing about is what students call ‘majorism’ – a sense of cast and class that some students (and others) experience related to majors that are perceived as having higher or lower status.  Carrigan is one of the faculty in CLA’s new and growing STS minors programs

Mark shared something with me this week that I’ve found rich food for thought:  David Carr’possibilitys talk at the Smithsonian  about what it means to be “open” as a cultural institution. In the world of research libraries “open” has emphasized “freely shared” but the deeper meaning of being open is more like the one we associate with the openness of knowledge (unfinished, malleable, under construction).  Cultural institutions, Carr says, serve people who “want knowledge in their lives and in their own hands, not because knowledge is power, but because knowledge is possibility.”  Fostering that sense of possibility may be why  “how we talk together” with our users – with encouragement and respect – is such an important part of our service as a library.

Have a great weekend,


[image credit: http://silviabaptista.com/]