I really enjoyed getting to meet this year’s SLAC members last week, and I’ve been following up this week to hear more about Cal Poly student priorities this year – Adriana and I met with ASI’s Marcy Maloney this week, and we’re meeting next week with this year’s chair of the ASI Board.  Big items on ASI’s agenda this year will include a student referendum on expanding and renovating the UU; and parking, transportation, and safety – always important topics for us here, since we want to lower barriers for all students, on- and off-campus, to be able to get to the library any time they need to work and meet. (Though 7-day/week parking enforcement has been delayed until Jan. 1, 2016).

Next week is International Open Access Week!  Celebrate with Dana and her OA team at outstanding programs next week…. and check out the great Open & Affordable Resources libguide  – a great portal for open content of all kinds.  The Mustang News even picked up on the story of how one CP faculty member, Laura Hosman, is bringing open education to kids in Micronesia OARutherford201310– check out starting at minute 10:06.  Hosman will be talking here at the library during the UU hour next Thursday.  And – a happy surprise in this same episode is their coverage of the 10 millionth download from Digital Commons – a great appearance by our own Michele Wyngard beginning at about 2:08!

And in this same 30 minute update there’s a segment about the new cross-college (GrC+Journalism+Marketing) minor in Integrated Marketing & Communications, that launched this fall.  This minor reflects the growing importance of data analytics skills (another reason to go to Russ’s OA week workshop on Monday).   For guidance on how to think about data, big or otherwise, I found this piece on “A rose by any other name: data science etc.” really helpful.

Enjoy the weekend,