I’ve been working this week to plan the detailed agenda for our November 17-18 fall meeting of the Library Advisory Board (LAB – formerly LITAC).  One of the features this year is our special guest speaker, CMU library dean Keith Webster,  who will also be meeting with all library staff & faculty during his visit.  By next week we should have invitations out to all invited participants, and more details on the program.  This meeting will help us share our strategic plan and vision with the campus, and with people who can help us communicate our advancement needs and priorities.  Meanwhile, our opening for a library advancement director should be out either today or Monday – this position will be essential to reaching out to individuals and funding agencies who share our goals and can help us make them happen.

Adriana, Dale and I met this week with Kat Cassidy, the Cal Poly alumna and Pitch Perfect winner who’s been championing Poly Projects for several years now.  Poly Projects is a student-generated idea –  a website where Cal Poly students can post project descriptions, skills needs, or browse other student project ideas to see where they can contribute their skills. A 2012 senior project by two other students gives some of the history  of this idea for an:

“easily accessible campus resource where students can seek out senior project assistance and easily collaborate with students of other majors or disciplines. Many students are often unsure of what they want to do when it comes time to deciding on a senior project or, once they have a project idea, do not have the resources readily available to advance their idea to the next step. There are many students who wish that they could create an applied communication project with a group of people from different majors to combine skill sets.”

Fast-forward to this week: we’re working with funding from last year’s OCOB Pitch Perfect contest, with ITS, with the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and with Kat, to finish the programming needed to launch the pilot site this fall.  Connecting people with each other is one of our core roles as a library, and we’re excited to help students realize their passion for making connections across departments and disciplines.

I overheard a student at yesterday’s Master Plan Open House in the Atrium asking about a small element he noticed on the plans, for a “Data Center” – shown on the maps as near the Tech Park.  There’s a lot of interest in ITS in creating an exceptionally powerful Data Center here at Cal Poly that takes advantage of Cal Poly’s location on a huge fiber-optic communication link (this is the same Pacific Crossing link that Grover Beach is building its Virtual Port vision around).PacCrossing  What could a high-end Data Center do for Cal Poly research and teaching?  What models are there for this idea?   How might we support an energy-efficient data center given how energy-hungry they are?  One place to keep an eye on data center developments is DatacenterDynamics.

Enjoy the weekend,