This summer the Inclusive Excellence Council (IEC) is wrapping up our intensive work on a “Diversity Strategic Framework” (“Framework” for short) that we’ll hear more about at Fall Conference. It’s a milestone for Cal Poly to have this comprehensive statement and commitment, and even more so that both will be an area of focused work for the whole campus next year. I’m grateful to Karen Lauritsen for agreeing to represent the library on the IEC over the next year or two, and helping us to reflect this campus-wide initiative in our planning, programs and communications. Meanwhile ExTeam has approved a reboot of our Kennedy Inclusive Culture Committee, which began 3 years ago.  We’ve approved a new charge and are renaming it (Coordinating Committee on Inclusivity and Diversity, CCID) and seeking membership that’s representative of all our departments.  An email will follow with more details and I hope you’ll find a way to support or participate in the campus (and library) initiatives over the next year.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about new developments in the campus master plan and the academic master plan.  The campus planning group has been some interesting decisions this summer, explained in documents  (“Refined Land Use Concept”) that just went public this week.  You’ll see also see growing attention to the future of the academic core (the center of campus where most classrooms, labs, and studios are), and the Library expansion is mentioned in this context. I understand that President Armstrong will be sharing important updates about these plans at the university-wide Fall Conference session on Monday afternoon, 2:30-4 on September 14, at the Performing Arts Center; and Linda Dalton will be sharing more details at the Academic Senate retreat on Friday afternoon that week.

As we begin to develop our ideas and plans about digital literacies and workshops for students that build recognizable and valued skillsets, it’s interesting to follow ongoing talk about “microcredentials.”  Inside Higher Ed had a piece this month about the new 7-university initiative called “University Learning Store” – it includes three UC campuses as well as UW, Georgia Tech and others.  What could this development (offering modular content, skills assessments and student-facing services, such as tutors, coaches and counselors) mean for students at Cal Poly?

Enjoy a long and relaxing Labor Day weekend!