Happy Friday!

This week I’ve begun to take stock of our many accomplishments in the last year.  Over the next month we’ll begin to tell the story in our 14-15 annual report.  We accomplished so much together:  and we laid the groundwork for services and projects that we’ll finally begin to see bear fruit this summer and fall. We brought wonderful new staff into our team, created a strategic plan, built strong new relationships with CIE, piloted digital platforms, planned a new way to deploy high-end software to students, added tens of thousands of eBooks that are helping to reduce students’ textbook costs, deeply weeded tired print collections, provided leadership and support to the heritage community in SLO, helped lead CSU-wide library planning, and designed the exciting summer building projects that will take shape over the next few weeks and months.  Thank you everyone – I feel so lucky to get to work with such an extraordinary group of people.

Looking ahead to the fall, I am excited to share the news that we’ll be hosting a very distinguished guest speaker in mid-November.  On November 18, we and our Advisory Board (formerly LITAC) will be hosting a visit by Keith Webster.  Keith is Dean of the Libraries at Carnegie Mellon University, and someone who thinks a lot about the future of libraries.  At CMU he has recently been asked to  direct CMU’s Emerging and Integrated Media Initiatives, including an  Integrative Design, Arts and Technology Network (IDeATe), the Emerging Media Master’s Degree program, the Integrative Media Program in NYC and the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC).   Keith blogs at http://www.libraryofthefuture.org/. More details to follow, but please hold the date for now.

I’m thinking about the long time perspectives that some science needs, and the patient work of today’s ‘cathedral builders’ – in this case, inspired by following Rosetta, “Europe’s comet chaser.”  Rosetta is nearing the end of a ten year trek across the solar system, which will end in December this year. This very month, it is approaching the comet that it will land on in November  celebrating its one year anniversary ON the comet. (The Internet is a tricky place…read and check everything twice!). Check out this interactive visualization of Rosetta’s trek,  and this tool that allows you to visualize the comet.  The comet visualization is based on citizen science – by a Swedish space fan.

Enjoy the weekend,