Happy Friday!

I’ve been working with Katherine and Shelly to wrap up our engineering librarian recruitment: we should have an announcement to you next week. We expect our new colleague will join us at the beginning of September – just over a month from now (I know that doesn’t seem possible)!  Many thanks to our search committee for their good work (Katherine, Zach, Kaila, Russ, and Professor Fooad Khosmood), and to all of you for your participation through the spring. Meanwhile, we’re hoping for a quick informal visit from Adriana Popescu on Monday – she will be visiting San Luis Obispo this weekend as she and her family relocate this summer before she joins us on September 1. I’ll keep you posted if Adriana plans to come by the library, so you can stop in & say hi.

Yesterday Conny was showing me recommended changes in our web site, coming out of the web usability studies she’s been working on this spring and summer.   Supporting this usability work is a new library-wide UI/UX committee that began meeting this summer (see ExTeam notes of June 30)  Conny’s data shows that access to our website from mobile users continues to climb (over a million of our 2 million accesses/year), while regular workstation access is dropping. So the goal of these changes is a better user experience on the mobile web as well as for desktop web users. Also working on the UI/UX project is a student Conny is sharing with professor Brian Granger.  As many of us saw, Granger was recently awarded a $6M grant by the Moore Foundation with a UC Berkeley partner.   Pretty cool!

I was asked recently who I consider a “thought leader” in the world of academic librarianship.  I’m sure we each have our favorites who go beyond punditry to make us think deeply about our work.  Among my favorites is David Lewis (he heads the library at Indiana University-Purdue).  I met him at a conference some years back, and thanked him for his amazing articles where he explores with great logic and clarity what lies ahead for our libraries.  I asked him how he found the time to write so much and so well.  He told me (I think half in jest) that he’d hired a bunch of great people who were taking on a lot of work,  and he found himself suddenly able to think and write.  I still don’t know if he was pulling my leg, but I know I am always interested in other peoples’ strategies for finding the time to think and reflect.

Enjoy the weekend,