Happy Friday!

I hope you had a great 4th of July holiday.  It’s truly summer, as we begin to see new SOAR students and their families in the library and around campus, joining the EPIC participants and LBD Labs kids in their white coats.  Fun.

Our preparations for fall are also in full swing: a few of them: the major LibGuide update is in progress; Dale will be updating everyone soon on new dates for the third floor carpet, flooring, shifting, and shelves (thank you everyone – phenomenal progress on weeding, catalog updates, cleaning, recycling, and planning); he’ll also share what we learn about Julian’s renovation and the final steps on the Julian’s East fishbowls.   Meanwhile across campus, Annie Holmes has been leading the Inclusive Excellence Council in developing a draft Cal Poly statement / commitment to diversity and inclusivity; and a strategic framework for Cal Poly’s work in diversity and inclusivity. Biweekly meetings have been an amazing opportunity to work with this great group of people.

Yesterday morning Cate gave several of us a tour of the newly completed Cal Poly Art Storage Room in Building 21.  18 months in the planning and execution, the coolest thing about it is that it’s not just a locked storage space, full of crates and boxes. You can actually see the artwork stored there (sculptures and paintings)  – which means it’s a LBD collection – students and faculty will be able to ‘visit’ the pieces by appointment.  Also stored there:  former President Julian McPhee’s desk, cabinet, and podium:  handsome, if worn Craftsman era pieces. Someday we may be able to restore and place them in a new University Archives space.  Congratulations to Cate on this accomplishment!

I came across this Oct. 2014 blog post by Lorcan Dempsey: “Research Information Management, a New Service Category?”  I’ve been thinking for some time now about Researcher Profile systems like VIVO, and the ecosystem that’s developing between researcher profiles, IR’s, publisher sites,  global open repositories, and standards like ORCID. Dempsey  suggests that the library is a natural institutional partner and potential home for some of this activity, citing Dartmouth as one library that’s embedding RIM into their new strategic plan. 

Have a wonderful weekend,