Happy Friday!

I’ve been wrapping up plans for COLD’s annual retreat (just before ALA next week); and doing my part in a flurry of end-of-year and early summer recruitments.  Coming next: a tenure-track librarian position in open education, open content, and digital publishing.  Dana’s two-year position as our Open Education Fellow will be over in November (hard to believe!) and we want this important program to continue and to grow. We’ll be adding digital publishing outreach and services to the scope of this librarian position. On the end-of-year-budget-planning front, we’ve been getting updated capital project estimates for the third floor projects, and also for the first floor ‘vault’ – repurposing the old server room to provide environmentally-controlled, high-density, on-site storage for Special Collections.

This week  I met with the Academic Services team, and Brett presented an exciting analysis they’re putting together of the learning outcomes they’ve been working to achieve in the past year. In remarkably short order, with everyone contributing their learning outcomes (“what was I thinking?”) Brett and Russ have been pulling data about the ~200 different courses our librarians and instructors have supported across 6 colleges.  Brett then proposed a dozen strategic learning outcomes or themes that emerged from this analysis.  A surprising number of themes cut across all colleges, even granted that each librarian may teach to these themes in ways that are unique to their college. This is going to be a great baseline they can reflect on and build on in the coming academic year.

How can we – Cal Poly – improve communications and understanding across our physical, organizational, and hierarchical/job class siloes?  We have the will, but do we have the ways?  The provost’s leadership forum participants (that’s the year-long pilot program that meets one day/month) have been challenged to propose ways to do that.  The idea that I’ve been looking at is job shadowing:  a technique that’s often used for on the job training, or for career development. But some organizations have used  job shadowing as a way to increase mutual awareness and understanding across all kinds of boundaries:  Take Your Coworker to Work Day”  is an example from the software firm TechSmith.  Could we do something like this inside the library? with our partner organizations?

Have a great weekend,