It’s the last Friday of the academic year:  congratulations and thank you everyone!

Warmth, anxiety, camaraderie, pride … it’s all in the air on this last day of finals. And on Tuesday, we broke last year’s library visits record, blowing past last year’s 1.4 million visits mark!

We’ve been working on a one-page summary of this year’s accomplishments and challenges.  This is a document that the provost asks for this time of year from each part of the Academic Affairs organization. Our draft one-pager previews much of the story we’ll be telling in our annual report and also previews some likely annual goals, Meanwhile, our strategic plan draft continues to take shape:  ExTeam members will be sharing that draft with your department this month.  You can find the full working draft on the wiki.   The “major projects timeline” and related ‘portfolio’ of projects,  is still very much in flux and in need of (your) library-wide input.  

I’ve been thinking about “General Education.”  Such a neutral label for something important and often contentious!  This 2014 article from the Chronicle describes some of the challenges that swirl around GE.   Among the newer approaches to GE is the “pathways” approach, where “required coursework is grouped into academically or socially relevant themes for a more meaningful undergraduate experience.”   Several CSU campuses (e.g. Chico) piloted GE pathways as part of AAC&U’s Give Students a Compass initiative.  This year AAC&U is announcing a new challenge – that all students complete “signature work” on a project related to a problem important to the student and to society:  “Education for a World of Unscripted Problems“.

I hope to see you at our engineering librarian candidate presentation this morning at 10.

Enjoy the weekend!