Happy Friday!

Congratulations to our Stressbusters and KCPR on the success of last night’s first-ever Silent Disco  in the atrium!

As part of the reorganization of the Library into Academic Programs and Planning, Eileen Joseph will move from the CIO’s office to the Library, joining ExTeam as our director of library advancement.  Eileen will move from the CIO’s office at the end of June, initially into Marisa Ramirez’s former office near Tim and Nikki on the first floor. Eileen and I have been working this week on updating and revising next year’s library advancement strategies and communications plans.

The annual excitement of summer building projects is upon us. Tim, Cheryl, Margaret and Dale are working with their teams to plan collection shifts, while Brett, Jesse, and Jeanine are reviewing collections on the third floor – this will allow us to accommodate new plans for the 3rd floor including CTLT + Academic Programs and Planning offices; also happening this summer: Dining Services is planning a replacement and slight expansion of the Julian’s cafe ‘booth’ to better handle traffic and services.  Last but not least: we’re involved in an exploration with the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship that could bring their Innovation Sandbox into the library.  Stay tuned!

I had an interesting conversation about the ability to take advantage of resources in our environment: think of this as both resourcefulness and strategy.  I’ve been thinking about how this ability is learned, and how it can be taught.  Is this something that we teach in our library instruction?  What are the key texts and sources on this ability to use the environment to achieve our goals?  Kahneman?

I hope you can get away this morning at 10 am for the Cal Poly Authors conversation with Prof. Clare Olsen, and I’ll see you at Monday morning’s 11 am presentation in 511 by the first of our Associate Dean finalists.

Enjoy the weekend,