Happy Friday!

It’s almost Memorial Day, and the new ‘faculty-friendly’ fishbowls are finally complete in Julian’s East.  On your way to this morning’s 9 am welcome coffee in Julian’s for Cassandra Castillo, check them out if you haven’t already!  They look beautiful; and will be usable just in time for the busiest days these last weeks of spring quarter.IMG_0154

With June around the corner, we’re converging on an updated budget plan that reflects a flurry of new information, including updated projections and pricing from major vendors and service providers. Thanks to Tricia and everyone she’s working with for your good work tracking down unexpected expenses or savings.  Bottom line:  we’re closing out the year in the black; and we’re updating and fine-tuning next year’s budget request, before final decisions are made in June.

Finally, I came across an interesting report on recently published research on “noncognitive factors” (aka social-emotional and affective, or SEA, skills) that matter both to college success and a strong start in adulthood.  The report is by two Boston-area researchers  and has been summarized nicely by the Harvard Grad School of Education.  Among their conclusions: universities should “prioritize core SEA skills that promote success in both college and career, such as attention control, goal orientation, adaptability, and self-efficacy.”  This resonates beautifully with research that Margaret has been doing on the impact of student employment experiences on fostering these and other SEA skills.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend,