Happy Friday!

After ten happy days in the upper midwest with my family, our flight last night approached San Luis Obispo, coming in low over Montana de Oro and Morro Bay – it’s great to call this beautiful place home, and wonderful to be back with you.

It will take me a few days to catch up with all that’s been happening here:  thanks to everyone for your hard work on recruiting, celebration of the spring exhibit, progress on bringing up the new version of our online LibGuides, and much more: another Master Plan open house,  dogs, chili (congratulations Judy!).

Today I hope many of you can catch some of the “More than a Motto  talks (including keynote at 12) and poster session presentations (1:15-2:00), taking place at Chumash throughout the day. Today’s events will culminate in a reception this afternoon where the first faculty recipients of the new Learn by Doing Scholar awards will be announced.  And if you don’t get away today, the posters will be joining us next week in the community gallery on the first floor.

Just before leaving for North Dakota last week I attended a great discussion led by a Cal Poly grad, on “the role of media at Cal Poly SLO” and the case for building an exceptional media curriculum reaching across the university.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what I felt was a breakthrough discussion: beyond curricular and program innovations, the discussion also reframed “media literacy” in terms I think we’d recognize as part of “multi-literacy” or “digital literacy,” as proficiencies that are becoming central to all professions:  “content creation and curation are the future, with a focus on the community one serves.”    We saw some of this exciting future in our recent iDi showcase (which was fantastic), and will see more as we develop our next librarian posting – for a tenure track digital scholarship and open content librarian.

Have a great weekend,