Happy Friday! It’s hard to believe it’s almost May.

This week Mark shared some great ideas with me that he learned about at a recent Central Coast Lean workshop on the “Surprising Power of Liberating Structures.”  Breaking out of conventional meeting formats is one example of liberating structures; it bears some interesting parallels with how teaching faculty are learning to break away from ‘sage on the stage’ patterns of teaching. Administrators too have been urged to “flip their meetings” – and there are a lot of ideas for how to do that.

Our faculty committee has met to select winners of the inaugural year’s Learn By Doing Scholar Awards, from a group of impressive finalists. Winners will be announced May 15 at the “More than a Motto” conference on Learn by Doing. It’s been pretty exciting to read these reflective and accomplished accounts of our university faculty’s elegant work on how to bring about deeper and more lasting student learning.

And finally: we’re getting closer this week to resolution of the Third Floor Plywood Zone (TFPZ, above the library entrance). If all goes well we’ll be able to remove the plywood and recarpet the area before spring quarter ends, and populate that 5000 square foot space with temporary furniture relocated from the 2nd floor – when it’s been replaced by new furniture we’ve ordered for Julian’s East. Additional new carpeting is planned outside the TFPZ, this spring or early summer. This is a transitional plan, pending some other decisions on the relocation of renovated or new spaces for CTLT and Mary Pedersen’s office within the library. More to follow as the puzzle pieces come together.

Have a wonderful weekend,