Happy Friday from Monterey, where yesterday afternoon COLD approved – unanimously – the decision to move forward with a common library services platform from ExLibris. The contract itself is not quite final – it will be awarded once the vendor and CSU come to agreement on some remaining issues over the next month or so:  but we fully anticipate success in the negotiations.

We – at Kennedy and across the CSU system – will  be working on, and thinking about, this for months (and years) to come, but today is a moment for real excitement.  It’s an extraordinary outcome, of a well-run and comprehensive process, in which many of you have spent many hours and much attention.  Well done, everyone!

Finally, I’ve also been thinking about the role of the library in an attentional economy.  Increasingly, quiet spaces (physical or virtual) uninterrupted by commerce (music, ads, video) may be one reason our students continue to clamor for quiet spaces, spaces where they can turn off the market and the network.  

For example, when earlier this week I shared the list of e-textbooks we offer at the library with fellow academic administrators, one of the things they noticed with concern was that one of the books had “a lot of ads.”  That’s unusual for library content. This is an example of the attentional economy. 

One more related thought:  I picked up an impassioned and critical article (“The Meme Hustler“) about Tim O’Reilly (of Safari books fame) and his commercial branding / packaging of “open” computing cultures championed by open source leaders.

Have a great weekend,