Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:  Jeanine and I have been organizing the review of applications for the new Learn by Doing Scholar award, by a committee that includes six college faculty.  We received applications from all colleges, and in both categories (published and in-progress).  Funding this award is one of several new advancement goals for the library, and I’ve also been working with Conny and others to update our ‘giving’ web pages  to reflect our key themes:  Learn by Doing, Links to the Land, and iDi – together they make us ‘uniquely polytechnic’!

2.  Excited about: ExTeam just received the summary “Horizon Report” for Kennedy Library, created by our strategic plan facilitation group (aka Educated Guess Group).  It’s a compilation and summary that reflects our conversations throughout this quarter about our near-term future and strategies for our library.  It includes perspectives from Bryan Alexander’s visit and the departmental discussions that EGG members facilitated earlier this quarter.  Next steps:  EGG’s report will be shared with everyone in the library next week after ExTeam’s meeting with EGG members. We’ll invite your comments and input, and begin the process of creating a first draft of our new strategic plan.

3, Thinking about:  I learned this week that Career Services is sponsoring a Cal Poly-branded free eportfolio site for students:  “Portfolium gives you the ability to upload real work samples, including photos, videos, pdfs, and more to your portfolio.” Here’s an example of one student’s eportfolio.  Is this what our CV’s will look like in the future? Could Portfolium become a new way to share and promote senior projects (linking to / from Digital Commons), or a way for Earn by Doing students and SLAC members to share their achievements and experiences?

Stay cool and enjoy the weekend,