Happy Friday, and the last day of winter quarter!

1.  Working on: A new budget request process for COLD (CSU Council of Library Deans), to help prioritize our discretionary spending in the coming year.  Also on the agenda at April’s in-person COLD meeting in Monterey are decisions on the outcome of the RFP for a shared library services platform; updates on our recent meeting with Wiley representatives; and COLD governance: updating committee charges, voting on the slate of new COLD officers, and continuing and expanding this year’s pilot communications initiative.

2.  Excited about:  The USDA launched their answer to Pub Med in January this year:  Pub Ag.   More than a search engine for agriculture literature, it’s the future home for USDA-funded research – USDA is rolling out a plan over the next two years  to educate and support agriculture researchers to comply with the new federal requirement to ensure open access to federally-funded research output within a year of publication.  One more step for open access!

3.  Thinking about: Hot off the presses this month is ACRL’s very thoughtful 2015 externally-facing environmental scan  of higher education and research – not to be overshadowed by ACRL’s more library-focused top trends report. Meanwhile I’ve been thinking about the ways researchers self-organize around the need to share and preserve their ideas and data (from the Royal Society to CERN’s world wide web and the physicists’ arxiv – incidentally, all cross-institutional and global). One of the latest ideas in action:  Zenodo – a tool (from CERN again) that allows researchers to create and curate small-scale communities. It integrates with Dropbox, offers flexible licensing, and provides a DOI for every upload to aid citation. Example:  The Journal of Brief Ideas.

Have a great weekend,