Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:  The posting for the Associate Dean for Academic Services – I’m hoping it will be advertised by early next week, and I’m starting to identify a search committee that will help bring candidates to campus in late May or early June.  This has been a major focus, along with meeting with Academic Services staff and developing a short-term transition plan for the next six months.

2.  Excited about:  Last Friday I met with the campus Master Plan Committee on Academic and Instructional Space – we continue working on principles and guidelines for planning future learning spaces – where should they be, how big, etc., and how should they work “inside”.  As part of last week’s meeting we toured some interesting newer learning spaces including our Active Learning Lab. An unscheduled stop took us to the “D-Lab” – a smallish informal space in the CAED south campus, with several 3D printers and work areas.  I’m excited to have seen it in action and even more excited by the modest but clear vision it represents for an open network of fabrication / creation spaces all across campus.

3.  Thinking about:  Writing, speech, data.  Mark sent me a great blog post about data and the degree of ‘agency’ we assign to it as indicated by the metaphors we choose for talking about data. And then this week the Chronicle highlighted a 2013 TED talk by Columbia linguist John McWhorter about texting as “fingered speech.”   Thinking about these together, and what they mean for libraries: data/document as a ‘thing’ and/or as something deeply identified with human agency and process.

Have a wonderful weekend.