Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:   On the 15th, the inaugural “Learn by Doing Scholar” awards competition  hosted by the library began accepting applications.  I’m working this week with Jeanine and a team of college faculty to develop our scoring rubrics for applications in two categories – published research, and ‘in progress’ research.  The donor-funded awards will encourage and honor faculty research, and award winners will be announced in May during Cal Poly’s first “More than a Motto” conference.

2.  Excited about:  This week’s many webinars featuring lengthy, detailed demonstrations of the discovery capabilities of respondents to the CSU’s RFP for a new library services platform.  It’s fascinating to see the way these different tools handle visual browsing of book collections, search facets, relevancy, FRBR, user interface design, recommender services, discovery of open access resources, and much more. As we move toward decisions in April, the excitement about this initiative is building even beyond the CSU, to wit this glowing article published in several Southern California newspapers.   “One giant cloud-based network”!

3.  Thinking about:  I learned this week at the campus Inclusive Excellence Council meeting about the cost to students of getting officially diagnosed as having a learning disability – a diagnosis that qualifies students for supportive services that allow them to succeed.  The cost of a diagnosis runs from hundreds to thousands of dollars, and the cost is usually borne by students and their families. The costs include both professional fees and also the costs charged by publishers of diagnostic tests. The costs of diagnostic tests is also the topic of a recent article about a doctor who’s up-ending “the lucrative business of blood testing.”

Enjoy the weekend,