Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:  I’ve started a three-year term representing ‘non-archive holders’ on the WEST (Western Regional Storage Trust) executive board.  After some orientation to the world of regional print storage governance and planning, I attended my first telephone meeting of the board this week.  Topics included membership criteria (should all members be required to own print collections of 1 million volumes or more?), a new membership fee scale to phase in as grant funding phases out, membership goals in general (in light of potential ‘melt’ of members who leave WEST).  This large-scale print management and preservation activity is an amazing undertaking and it’s happening all over the country (and world).  Universities of every size have a critical stake in the viability and success of this work:  hats off to CDL for undertaking this Herculean task.

2.  Excited about:  Speaking of Herculean, you may recall last spring and summer’s exertions that brought “the Wadewitz” to Cal Poly – 20 tons of materials from the Printing Industries of America collections: the collections will be housed mostly in GrC, with selected items coming to Special Collections at Kennedy Library. This week is International Printing Week, and as part of the week of Graphic Communications department activities, Kennedy Library hosted two great talks given by emeritus professors Gary Field and Frank Romano.  They spoke about printing history and printing libraries, and the role that the collection could play in research and teaching here at Cal Poly.  Both talks were exciting in their scholarship and vision, and the guests enjoyed the beautiful selection of items on color printing processes that Special Collections had on exhibit from the donated collections.

3.  Thinking about:  The news this month about how science – aided by a European cyclotron – is making it possible to read, for the first time, ancient books destroyed by Vesuvius.  Whether you’re a philosopher, classicist, historian, or just an interested human being, this feels kind of like landing a man on the moon.  And speaking of science, I’ve also been thinking about what the Patriots’ hometown physics team has to say about inflation and deflation.  Science is for everyone!

Enjoy the game, and the weekend,