Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:
  Cheryl and I met this week with Mike Miller and OCIO staff to coordinate our plans for campus surveys of faculty and students about their information, library, and technology needs.  There are a number of surveys that may be useful to do every few years  (LibQual Lite, MISO, ECAR) to get baseline and benchmarking data.  We’ve done versions of LibQual before; MISO would be new to Cal Poly. We always find the open comments of any survey to be incredibly useful too.  Meanwhile, it’s exciting to see SLAC’s great progress on their annual student survey, which will coming out this quarter. The SLAC survey gives us insight every year, especially on library study spaces and students’ priorities for improvements. (SC3’s annual spring survey that focuses more on student technology needs).

2.  Excited about:  The upcoming events & meetings next week that should spark some great thinking about the future of libraries, technology, and education.  This week ExTeam had a chance to meet via Skype with our facilitator, Bryan Alexander, and we’re all looking forward to the open dialog and conversations ahead.  I hope you’re able to get away to join what should be a really interactive session for all library staff with Bryan on Weds. morning, and the wrap-up/synthesis with Bryan from 4-5 Weds. afternoon and/or the informal 11-12 meet-up on Thursday.  And then there’s the Science Cafe on Tuesday morning (it made the New Times!).

3. Thinking about:
Like all of you I’ve been thinking about this week’s tragedies in Paris, and about the response of the people of France, and all over the world – from the massive outpouring of people raising their pens, to cartoonists’ responses; to a Parisian who burst out:  “We are a free people! We can draw what we want.”

Enjoy the weekend,