Happy New Year!

1.  Working on:  I’m just back to work today, and am focusing on several tasks that seem very fitting for a new year.  Just before the break, Cheryl and I worked with Mike and Ellen to review our presentation of 2015-2016 budget needs to the Provost, based on ExTeam input in December.  In addition to the budget request itself there’s an accompanying narrative that describes the funding gaps or opportunities and why they are important.  This week and next I’ll be working with ExTeam on updating progress on annual goals, and closing the loop on a well-documented and integrated reporting system for our annual and quarterly statistics.

2. Excited about:  Re-engaging with the master plan process this winter, and the upcoming library and ITS strategic planning processes. Our strategic planning facilitation team is putting together a great schedule including our ‘launch” days in January and I hope you can all participate!  More on this soon, meanwhile you may find it interesting to check out some of the college and program “narratives” – brief documents outlining the implications of Cal Poly’s future,   including one for Information Services.

3. Thinking about:  Over the break I was catching up on Google’s “material design” initiative.  “Material” is Google’s 3D/simulacrum-type direction for “flat” interfaces:  “Material Design wants to add the intuitive feeling of physical objects in a purely digital environment.” And then there’s Cardboard – Google’s virtual reality prototype.  But, here’s the bigger picture according to some:   “One can see Material Design powering a living infrastructure in a world where every conceivable surface glows, shifts, and ripples, quite literally reshaping the way we communicate, learn, work, and live.”

Have a wonderful weekend, and see you Monday!