Happy Friday!

Thank you everyone for helping students through these last wet and intense days of the fall quarter.

1.  Working on: Notes from the CNI meeting I was at this week in Washington DC. Just one highlight here: there was a good session on preserving / archiving ejournals.  I learned about the Keeper’s Registry (it tells you if someone’s preserving a digital journal) and heard a summary of recent studies by Cornell and Columbia, indicating that only 17-23% of ejournals are currently being digitally preserved. It seems publishers are not all eager to have libraries help preserve their content. Preservation of vulnerable digital content was an important theme at CNI this year.  Our newest iDi team that’s working on digital preservation policies will be in good company, as will STIM’s subcommittee this year, also addressing digital preservation.

2.  Excited about:  The development of strong, open communities of practice and development, around library publishing and around researcher networking tools (specifically VIVO).  These and similar communities are adopting a light fee structure for members – this provides sustained core staffing and communications, and keeps the community diverse and open. This was another CNI take-away: greater focus on creating and governing open networks of collaboration across libraries:  a departure from a common model for library innovation based on costly grant-funded pilots and highly selective participation.

3.  Thinking about:  What roles libraries can play in fostering and supporting interdisciplinary learning. Next year, Cal Poly will be looking into strategies and ideas to address some of the barriers to developing and sustaining practices like cross-disciplinary course offerings or team teaching, even while the polytechnic curriculum is inherently interdisciplinary.   This is a ‘back to the future’ topic for me – I prepared the attached slides (interdisc_gold_slides) about this issue in 2000, when I was at UCSD.  What’s changed? What’s the same?  I’d love to hear what you think.

Have a great weekend,