Happy Friday!

Welcome this week to Sarah Sayeed!

1.  Our advisory board, LITAC, will be meeting at the library today, in 111H. They’ll also be visiting the ALL lab and the new Engineering classroom in Bonderson (192-106).  With our CSI team, I’ve been working on and will be sharing with them a new series of 1-page information sheets to support communications and advancement – the first 1-pager topics are: library quick facts,  the ACRL award, the library master plan, Affordable Learning Solutions,  the Active Learning Lab, and (still in draft) the new Learn by Doing Scholar faculty award.   Your feedback is welcome!  Feel free to stop by and pick them up for your own outreach.

2.  We’re making some great progress in our iDi working groups. We’ll have an all-staff update on all of their work early in the new year, including news about new digital preservation strategies and policies, tools for managing and sharing digital images (Shared Shelf and Omeka). and next steps in digital asset management. I’m excited about the synergies between all of these activities.

3.  As more journal content is accessed through aggregator packages like Academic Search Complete, or through the open web, the 1990’s vision of Internet pioneer Bob Kahn  of a very granular pool of information, where every useful bit of information might have its own life and “handle”  seems very prescient.  Could we be approaching the era of “journal-less publishing“?   Rebecca Lawrence, managing director of F1000 Research about thinks so.

Enjoy the weekend!