Happy Friday!

1. Working on: The Council of Library Deans (COLD) executive committee met by phone on Monday: the ULMS selection process is moving forward quickly, with vendor responses to the CSU solicitation due next week, and scoring by the committee (which includes Tim Strawn) happening about a month later. Finalists will be invited to do demos online and in person in late January and early February…if all goes as planned.  Other issues for COLD:  how to respond to journal big package renewal offers with price increases of 10% or more; and how to dialogue effectively with faculty on ebooks and print management/withdrawal projects. 

2.  Excited about:  In addition to yesterday’s unexpected rain  I’m excited about the new information on the wiki to prepare and guide our responses to emergencies and incidents.  While this information is still being actively refined, I think it’s worth checking out now.  One big update: our designated evacuation location during regular working hours has changed.  It’s not Dexter Lawn any more – it’s the H2 parking lot, directly beyond the bus stop.   (Our evening and weekend evacuation location hasn’t changed.)

3. Thinking about: Thomas Hobbes  – a new critical edition of Leviathan was published recently in the UK and is just coming out in the US;  I have the intro volume at home now.  I became fascinated by Hobbes’ life when I was a grad student at Virginia Tech and read the canonical work “Leviathan and the Air Pump” about early modern science. It’s not that I’m a closet absolutist. What fascinate me are his longevity (he lived to the age of 91), his instinct for survival (he made it through the English Civil War which was anything but civil), and his materialist and systems thinking; and then there’s his enthusiastic attempt to square the circle (a mathematical impossibility).

Have a great weekend,