Happy Friday!

1. As part of the campus academic master plan process, I’ve been working with ExTeam on a short narrative about the future of our library in 2030.  How will our library be different fifteen years from now, considering changes in higher education, student demographics, the Cal Poly curriculum, global and economic change, and more. This narrative will become part of an IS-wide document that will be shared later this month with the campus, along with similar narratives from each college.

2. I’m excited about the President’s enthusiastic response to the presentation I made Wednesday about the library’s master plan for the Kennedy Library. My presentation slides are on the wiki, and everyone in the library will get a copy of the booklet we distributed as part of the presentation.   We’re following up over the next two weeks to discuss next steps, in meetings with the Building Program Committee and with Joel Neel.

3.  Thinking about: libraries’ future role in scholarly publishing, in light of a conversation online that jumped up during this year’s open access week, in response to Robert Darnton’s May 2014 piece about open access and university and scholarly presses. Kevin Smith (Duke) writes, “Open access is more about value than it is about cost.  The scholarly community gains some value whenever a previously closed work becomes open and whenever an article that might have been published in a subscription journal is published in an open access journal instead.”

From the outstanding “regular” work of this very intense time of the quarter, to all the special events and programs you’ve made such a success – this has been a remarkable week for our library. Take a bow everyone, and enjoy a well-deserved and wonderful  weekend.