Happy Friday!

1.  This week I’ve been learning about learning spaces.  In addition to doing a bunch of reading on this, I listened to many online presentations from the fall focus session of the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI).  Topics ranged from furniture, to assessing the impact of learning spaces on student achievement (impressive), to strategies for renewing learning spaces campus-wide. Patrick O’Sullivan shared this link to the recorded ELI webinars if you’d like to browse/listen/watch:  https://www.educause.edu/eli/events/eli-fall-focus-session/private-recordings?sid=395

2. I’m excited about some ideas in the works for student-developed apps.  One is an app that would support students’ (privately) logging time they spend in the library (yes, we could replace the sign-in books).  Another is an app that would help students with different skills connect with each other to work on projects.  Dale, Conny and I met this week with a cross-college team of seniors who are developing PolyProjects (this was one of last year’s OCOB video contest winners).  The team includes a graphic designer, a programmer, and two business students.  They’re already working with ITS on various aspects of the project.  It could be a great addition to the family of peer-to-peer support services that we’re interested in hosting or linking to at the library.

3. Google’s Eric Schmidt has a book out on Google’s management magic (“How Google Works“).  The SlideShare version can be found several places.   A couple of things got me thinking:  the use of the term “internet century” for the one we’re in; the idea that a good organization requires both stability (a strategic foundation) and fluidity (the plan itself);  and a (re)definition of “consensus”:  “It’s not about everyone agreeing, but about everyone being heard, and then rallying around the best answer.”

Happy Halloween!

and have a great weekend.