Happy Friday!
1.  Inclusive excellence:  I had a chance to attend the campus forum introducing results from last spring’s Campus Climate Survey.  At this week’s Inclusive Excellence Council (IEC) meeting Annie Holmes announced the formation of several council subcommittees, including one on improving the welcoming environment of the campus.  Related to these campus initiatives, Cate’s been working the the MultiCultural Center, Annie, and campus faculty to create a spring exhibit featuring narratives about identity.  The exhibit is inspired by another university’s project (http://diversity.risd.edu).  It’s great that the library’s project will be an integral part of the Inclusive Excellence Week that Annie’s planning for May next year.

2.  I finally got to meet all the members of this year’s SLAC – and that was exciting. It’s week 5, and SLAC members are incredibly busy with their classes, but they are also incredibly engaged in their role through SLAC, advocating for and sharing their perspectives as students about library priorities and needs. They’ll be directly involved in our strategic planning this year.

3.  Intentionality and planning.  I’ve been thinking about how they are different, but related. Interesting that “intend” comes from the idea of stretching – like a runner at the end of a race reaching for the tape. I’ve been thinking about this after Kimi Ikeda said something in the Academic Affairs staff meeting this week about the campus plan for improving graduation rates.  President Armstrong has set aspirational goals for improving rates at Cal Poly.  Kimi commented that even though our rates are already high (though with gaps for underrepresnted students), the President is challenging us to be so aware & intentional, so that we don’t miss any opportunity to help students complete their Cal Poly degrees.

Before you head off for the weekend, enjoy this week’s third awesome Open Access program at 12:30 in 111H – featuring Cal Poly faculty and how they use wikipedia in teaching.

Enjoy the weekend!