Happy Friday!

1.  I’m working on the plan for the plan:  Now that we have our master plan for the Kennedy Library, what’s next?  This month and through the fall, we’ll begin rolling out a series of presentations, discussions, and planning activities to share and build out the recommendations of our master plan  with the Cal Poly community.  There’s a nice synergy between our master plan, and the upcoming exhibit in Julian’s East, which will share student ideas for landscaping the Kennedy-Dexter-Academic Commons neighborhood. Catherine has designed the exhibit, “Elevated Foundation,”  which will run October 24-Dec 1; the students will present their ideas to other students and visitors at an informal reception, November 6 during the UU hour.  More on this soon.

2. I’m excited that the RFP is out!  The request for proposals by vendors to supply CSU libraries with a networked, next-generation library services platform (aka the ULMS) has made it into the light this week.  Congratulations to the team that made it happen (including our own Tim Strawn).  What’s next and when?  Check out the stories and a 1-page handout available now on the Council of Library Deans web site.

3.  I’m thinking about Kathryn Schulz’s book on being wrong:  Yes, there’s an irony to the Goldman Sachs ad at the beginning of this video, but it is worth thinking about being wrong every so often.  How and when do we realize we’re wrong about something? What surprised you this week?

And for next week…check out the programs that Dana’s team has been putting together for Open Access Week (Oct 20-26)!

Have a great weekend,