Happy Friday!

1.  Learn by Doing (aka LxD, like “3×3”):  One of our goals this year is to deepen our support for Learn by Doing.  There was a recent announcement in the Cal Poly Report of a new Cal Poly LxD conference, “More than a Motto,” to be held May 15, 2015.  The conference is being organized by a team led by Prof. Brian Greenwood and writing center director Dawn Janke.  They’ve put together an advisory board that met this week, since I’m on the board I’m looking for ways we can help support this – maybe through our Digital Scholarship Services and DigitalCommons. Meanwhile I’ve been working with Jeanine and Mike Miller to launch a new faculty scholar award for scholarship on Learn by Doing. The award is sponsored by LITAC and will go public later this fall.

2. I’m excited about how short the course reserve lines are at the front desk this quarter.  The Access Services team, working with Cal Poly business students last spring, proposed ‘lean’ improvements to queuing and signage at the front desk. They have done what I had almost decided was impossible:  eliminated long lines at the front desk. They created separate queues for general circulation, course reserves check in, and course reserves check out.  Congratulations to Margaret, Sarah, and the entire Access Services staff and student team.

3.  I’m thinking about the challenge of preserving the experience of print serendipity in the digital age. At COLD this week we are hearing from faculty who fear libraries are losing sight of this important experience; at Harvard libraries’ Innovation Lab they’ve developed “stacklife” to display library items in “shelf” context.

Have a great weekend, and see you Monday morning in 511 for coffee as we share our plans for the year together at our fall all-staff gathering.