Happy Friday!

I’ve been out of the office this week taking care of some family things, so this will be a little different 3×3 this morning.

1.  It’s too darn hot:  I know it’s been very hot, and today will be another hot one.  Take care of yourselves, and thanks to everyone who’s been hanging in there and keeping the library open for the students to use.  This kind of heat doesn’t happen often but it’s hard on everyone when it hits.  We have the engineers’ report on what it would cost to cool Kennedy:  $2M.  (is that a cool $2M?).

2.  Some great reading: This week I’ve been reading a couple of great (short) books, including  “Yes to the Mess,” a book by a jazz pianist about the lessons of jazz for leadership and organizations.  It’s not the first book to make this connection, but it’s a good read…and I do like jazz.

3.  Strategic planning and the future of libraries:  Following up on last week’s 3×3: if you were going to pick 2 or 3 articles that lay out the big issues for libraries in the next 10-15 years, what would they be?  I’ve been sifting through my own ‘futures’ lists, and I’d love to hear from you what you think.

One article in the recent theme issue on the future of academic libraries is Brian Mathews’ article on how to think about the future, in which he writes: http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/portal_libraries_and_the_academy/v014/14.3.mathews.html:

‘We should not concern ourselves with the future of libraries. Instead, we should focus on the factors driving change within the communities we serve and with whom we partner. What is the future of scholarly communication? What is the future of faculty promotion and tenure? What is the future of undergraduate and graduate curricula? Of learning engagement? Of research? Of copyright? These are questions that we should be asking, exploring, and building upon. Technologies and social change will impact these areas, causing ripple effects across higher education and beyond. This is where libraries can apply strategic foresight to deliver new value. What will libraries be in the future? They will become whatever their users need.’

Try to stay cool, and have a great weekend.