Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:  Gearing up for COLD’s in-person meeting on October 9 and 10, which we’re hosting here – all 23 campus library deans or delegates, as well as a small contingent from the Chancellor’s Office.  The call for proposals for a new Unified Library Management System (ULMS) is still not out on the street, but will be very soon, and will be a major topic of COLD discussion and planning.  Everyone’s tracking this one closely.  The new libraries.calstate.edu web site will soon be featuring a story about the next-gen platform process, authored by our SLO-based communications team, and Karen is working on getting the news out to ACRL and others.

2.  Excited about:  The focus and energy of students already crowding into every library chair and table (including the temporary ones in Julian’s East – we’re expecting the new furniture will arrive before Thanksgiving).  Equally exciting – the discussions underway and coming soon, all across campus, about Cal Poly’s future vision and how changes in our world will shape education, learning, and our university.  Our online research guides (LibGuides) are being pressed into service to share relevant readings and resources for these discussions across the campus.  Check it out: http://libguides.calpoly.edu/planningresources (And, a big thanks to Brett for facilitating this collaboration with Mary Pedersen’s office.)

3.  Thinking about:  The future impacts of “computerisation” on employment and jobs.  I’ve been reading a 2013 article about this:  the spelling is British but the topic is the US labor market. The researchers conclude that nearly half of current careers are at risk of computerization, including many jobs in transportation, logistics, service, and administrative roles.  Workers with “creative and social intelligence” (social perceptiveness, originality, persuasion) at all points in the wages scale will be least likely to be replaced by computers.

Have a great weekend.


PS:  CSU alums….have you joined https://classof3million.calstate.edu/ yet?