Happy Friday!

It’s been a great fall conference week!

1.  Working on:  Annual goals.  ExTeam is wrestling our projects and plans into a form that expresses both our departmental and cross-departmental goals for this year.  We are aiming at sharing a full draft with everyone next week, and wrapping up the final version before our fall all-library-staff meeting on October 13.

2.  Excited about:  Our campus is expanding its ability to analyze and share its institutional data (the kind of information that gets reported by universities in the common data set). This means adding institutional data to the data warehouse, which will make it possible in the future for many people across campus to run queries and extract data to help make better-informed decisions about enrollment and student support.  One sign of this new direction on campus is the expansion of the Office of Institutional Research, which is hiring research analysts and reorganizing to create an executive director position.

3.  Thinking about:  Scotland and the outcome of yesterday’s historic vote. The age breakdown of the vote is really interesting. After college I worked in Scotland for a summer at a hotel on the Isle of Mull, and the kids I worked with sang Flower of Scotland in the pub every night.    And, since today is  also Talk Like a Pirate Day, check out the Scottish pirate metal band (really!) Alestorm.

Have a wonderful weekend.