Happy Friday!

Congratulations to our honored colleagues, and thanks again to Cheryl and Shelly for organizing such a great celebration yesterday.

1.  Working on:  In two weeks, COLD will release the request for vendor proposals (RFP) for a new consortium-wide, cloud-hosted, next-gen library services platform.  I’ve been working with COLD Executive Committee to smooth the way to release the RFP and then cajole, incite, and otherwise encourage an all-in adoption of the winning platform by all 23 CSU campuses. Good news: Gerry Hanley in the chancellor’s office was able to negotiate for CO funding that can pay the implementation / migration costs for the platform that we choose.

2.  Excited about:  The new academic year.  Everything’s coming together: beautiful new signs are sprouting everywhere (thanks to Jane, Conny, and LIT students); new carpet arrives in the red…soon to be orange…zone, aka Julian’s East, on the 2nd floor on Monday; air conditioning is being added – at last – in the Mac and ALL labs this week.  And look for updates to our website (content and navigation) that will be rolling out today and through next week.

3.  Thinking about:  Snowden and Swartz; the dramatic politics of information that’s unfolding in our lifetime.  Dana shared information this week about a new film about about Aaron Swartz, “The Internet’s Own Boy”  (we’re going to try to buy a copy for the library); and the August issue of Wired has a profile on Snowden.  Snowden says: “Technology is the greatest equalizer in human history.”

Please come celebrate the end of a productive summer together, and thank and congratulate Stephanie Lafferty as she moves into a wonderful phase of her life, retirement!  Join us from 2-4 in the Atrium.

Have a wonderful weekend,