Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:  Following up on last week’s 3×3:  the library’s presentation of our building master plan to the President and deans didn’t happen this week. It will be rescheduled for later this fall, and meanwhile  I’ll share it you, and a few others (SLAC and partners) in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, this week I’ve been working with Tricia and ExTeam members on our budget requests for 15-16, as well as first quarter adjustments in this year’s budget needs.

2.  Excited about:  It’s been fun watching the elevator doors change color this week.  These bright colors will also be showing up in the new maps and directional signage that will be going up very soon at our service desks, and throughout the library….which I’m also excited about.

3.  Thinking about:  Code literacy, defined as “the ability to speak and structure your thinking in a way a computer understands it.”  How can this skill be introduced?  There’s a code literacy movement – and  a call for “web literacy” from Mozilla.

Have a great weekend.