Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:  Communication material about the Council of Library Directors and its major initiatives.  The Chancellor’s Office has given Kennedy Library a small grant to create a public-facing COLD initiatives web site, related handouts, and to develop stories about the benefits of libraries to the CSU and our students and faculty.  We’ve used the grant to hire recent graduate Vicki Billings for a few months to work with us (you’ll find her temporarily in Marisa’s office).  Vicki’s first stories, based on interviews and other investigations, should be out just after Labor Day.  The site can be seen at:  http://libraries.calstate.edu.

2.  Excited about: The new owners’ manual for faculty, or “Tech Guide,” that a cross team from the library, ITS, and CTLT under Karen’s guidance has been rapidly putting together this summer. The goal:  a clear, simple one-stop overview of key technology and information services at Cal Poly. It’s going to press this week and will be distributed to all new faculty during their orientation program in September. This year, it will also be distributed to all continuing faculty, and to IS and CTLT staff, so we can get your feedback for next year’s edition.  You’ll see it soon!  Congratulations to Karen and her team and to Conny for a great production.

3.  Thinking about:  What’s in a syllabus – literally, but also, what’s the value of a syllabus to students or others who aren’t IN the class?  MIT published syllabuses for all their courses as part of Open Courseware. Prospective students are among the heaviest users of Open Courseware – they’re planning their course loads.  Can what’s in a syllabus make a difference in student success?  There’s not a big literature on syllabuses, but here’s one interesting article. If you know others I’d love to hear about them.

Have a great weekend.