Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:  Polishing off a first draft of my section of the library’s annual report. We’ll be reviewing everyone’s reports beginning next week, and sharing them with everyone before the end of the month.  Ditto with first drafts of unit, department, and library-wide goals.  Thanks everyone who’s been contributing both to writing reports and proposing thoughtful goals.

2.  Excited about:  This summer, Professor Omar Faruque’s landscape architecture class took as their class subject the landscape formed by the Kennedy Library and the future Academic Center. Small teams and individuals presented their final ideas on Wednesday. Each proposed a different architectural form and concept for the new Academic Center, but also for an expanded academic commons, including the circulation and transportation paths and outdoor gathering and meeting spaces for the area defined by: the Center for Science and Math, Kennedy Library, the new Academic Center, Dexter Lawn, and the landscape that unites these. They’ve come up with some brilliant ideas. I’m working on how we can exhibit the students’ work in the library – possibly in our 2nd floor “viewing platform for the future” near Julian’s.

3.  Thinking about: Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman and first Persian (Iranian) winner of the Fields Medal, which has been given for almost 80 years to extraordinary mathematicians under the age of 40.  Her work combines geometry and dynamics:  “Among other things, she studies billiards. But now, in a move very characteristic of modern mathematics, it gets kind of meta: She considers not just one billiard table, but the universe of all possible billiard tables.”  (source)

Enjoy your weekend!