Happy Friday!

I hope you can join everyone Monday morning in Julian’s to welcome Kaila Bussert to Cal Poly!

1.  Working on:  Advancement (fund-raising) outreach and planning. With Eileen’s support, we hosted a group of University Advancement staff this week in 111H, for short presentations by Johanna Madjedi and myself about the work that we do in ITS and the library, our future plans, and the opportunities to engage donors in those plans.  My slides are attached here (sorry, big file!).  After the meeting, the group toured the Data Studio, the Active Learning Lab, and Special Collections and Archives.  Jeanine, Sarah, and Jessica each made great presentations.  Thank to everyone (including Conny, Jane, and Cheryl) for your support.  ExTeam also met this week with Eileen Joseph to discuss an annual plan for fundraising and outreach to donors.

2.  Excited about:  Outreach to new faculty.  Over 100 new faculty will be joining Cal Poly this fall – and we’re taking this opportunity to refresh and rethink how we reach out through a mailed campus packet introducing faculty to our support for research and teaching. Thanks to everyone who’s contributed to this, especially Shelly, Cheryl, Conny, and Karen.  Karen’s IS-wide team will be producing a new “owners manual” for key services from IS and partners; it will be distributed during fall conference week, when the library will host and participate in CTLT’s new faculty orientation (Sarah’s leading our participation in this). And then there’s the new faculty reception at the library (and Shelly rocks this!).

3.  Thinking about:  Net neutrality, aka the “open Internet.” The ALA, ARL, and Educause recently signed a letter on net neutrality principles, in their efforts to persuade the FCC to “reclassify Internet-service providers as common carriers, in essence equating the Internet to a public utility.”  Meanwhile some people involved in this issue are proposing other ways of ensuring public (and educational) access to high speed networks (such as municipal fiber-optic networks that would compete with cable-company broadband).  This is big!

Enjoy the weekend.