Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:   Presenting the architects master plan to IS Managers this morning.  At the end of July the architects will complete the master plan and we’ll have final reports from them.  Meanwhile they’ve been giving us advice on a new family of carpets that reflects a new color palette.  This summer we’ll be introducing the selected carpet on the 2nd floor along the front windowed areas (everywhere you see red carpet today).  Check out the carpet samples in the admin office!

2.  Excited about:  The new library wiki. Carl, Cheryl, Conny, and others have done a great job migrating from our intranet.  I used the basic ‘how to’ page to add recent library presentations, including the one this morning, about the master planning project (all the SB files are being filed in the “Active Projects” category).

3.  Thinking about:  Bryan Alexander, an independent futurist, author, and former English professor. Alexander facilitated the second day of the COLD retreat this week. He shared (and elicited) collective thinking about the future of higher education, demographics, economic trends, technology, and libraries.  He also led us through a great exercise in scenario planning.  He distributes a great, informal, free monthly trend watch (“Future Trends in Technology and Education”) that you can subscribe to here.

Enjoy the weekend!