Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:  I’ve been working with ExTeam and CSI on updating the library’s ‘quick facts’ information (on the web, maybe a handout).  It’s useful for answering those predictable questions through the year (how many seats do you have? how many study rooms? electronic journals?).  We’re also reviewing the indicators we report in our annual reports.  These are often counts of user or library activity (such as gatecount, which is rapidly approaching 1.4 million!), or indicators of user satisfaction (such as how long users stay on our web site).

2.  Excited about:  The latest HathiTrust ruling, essentially supporting libraries’ claims that providing a full text searchable body of literature is a transformative, and fair, use of published works.  Also, that providing digital copies of texts to serve users who cannot read print books falls under fair use. “A huge win for HathiTrust and for libraries generally.”

3.  Thinking about:  Color!  We’ve been thinking all week about the Shepley Bulfinch recommended color palette, and how our spaces will look as we adopt it.  What does it mean for carpet? artwork? painted walls? fabrics?  How can we begin to bring these ideas into our spaces?  Helping us with making decisions for this summer’s second floor reading / collaboration area (where the TRC is now) have been Conny and Cate’s exploration of how these colors will look in our spaces; also, Cheryl found a “look book” with some great images of how bright colors and warm natural texture neutrals can be woven together.

Happy end of year…and happy commencement and congratulations to our graduating student assistants.

Have a wonderful weekend.