Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:  Several of us have been meeting with Summer Institute leaders this spring to plan not only for the regular summer program (which Brett and Jesse are leading, with Kaila joining them after she arrives in July).  We’re also looking at survey data that Katherine’s been gathering from SI students this spring, to learn about the student experience of using the SI study room, and what kinds of informal workshops and experiences they would value next year.

2.  Excited about: Two of our faculty were awarded Cal Poly RSCA (Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities) minigrants through a spring competition supported by the Provost.  Mark Bieraugel’s proposal is  “Library Spaces as Catalyst for Innovative Thinking,” and is  collaboration with Stern Neil.   Zach Vowell’s proposal, “Disk Image Browser Prototype”  will design and develop an online interface for accessing disk images stored in a digital repository, contributing to emerging best practices in the digital archives profession.

3.  Thinking about:  Is socieconomic status (SES) a taboo subject for students?  This week KICC met with a graduating senior student who’s working to raise awareness of and sensitivity to the subject.  Financial aid can bridge some SES differences, but doesn’t fill gaps experienced by lower SES students in many costs of living – or learning.  Here’s an interesting article.

As spring quarter comes to a close Congratulations to Conny and her team (Chris, Cyndee, KO) on your creative and delightful stressbuster events (goats…dogs…book art…watercolors).  Don’t miss the team’s fantastic Father’s Day postcards for students to send home.

Have a great weekend.