Happy Friday!

1.  Working on:  We are beginning to put together a cross team of library, ITS, and CTLT folks to create a new faculty “owners manual” for key services and resources, in time for fall 2014.  We’ve just begun to reach out to possible team members. The idea is to put in one place information that will help faculty – especially new faculty – connect quickly and easily with information tools, content, and services.  The idea is loosely based on a similar handbook/manual for faculty at UCSD.

2.  Excited about:  Tim and his crew have been quietly selecting and adding digital back files for nearly 400 core research journals.  This means our faculty and students will have barrier-free, desktop access for the first time to some of the most important titles in their fields.  This is also going to help us open up space in the building for other purposes, so it is also a significant step towards the reimagined Kennedy Library!  Speaking of which: we should have final reports from Shepley Bulfinch on the master plan early this summer, and will share them with everyone when available.

3.  Thinking about:  Scientific literacy in government. We think a lot about “science literacy” for our students. Is it important to include understanding that basic science is unpredictable in its outcomes, as part of science, or scientific, literacy? This week’s Chronicle had an account of the “First Act” that attaches spending limits and other rules to NSF funding, cuts the social sciences and climate research, and emphasizes science for “national interests.”

Thanks everyone for helping to celebrate our IS students yesterday with our traditional ice cream social! Have a great weekend.