Happy Friday!

1.  Working on: With ExTeam and especially with Tricia and Cheryl (do give them a high five), we’ve been putting the finishing touches on a first full draft of next year’s budget.  Thank you to everyone who’s consulted and provided great stewardship of this year’s resources, and helped us understand our needs for the year ahead.  We don’t expect any dramatic changes in resources beyond the usual grappling with inflation (collections, but also other products and services).  We do hope to do one small but visible building project in the coming summer, refreshing the space on the second floor currently occupied by the TRC collection.

2.  Excited about:  The productive introductory meeting that COLD representatives had yesterday with Chancellor White.  Mark Stover (current chair of COLD) and Gerry Hanley (CSU libraries’ champion in the Chancellor’s Office) talked with the Chancellor about “the state of CSU libraries, the importance of library services and resources to CSU students and faculty, current COLD initiatives, and the future of funding of libraries in the CSU.” According to Mark, the Chancellor was impressed by examples of collaboration between UC and CSU libraries (more on that below), and “very impressed with COLD’s commitment to “information equity” in the CSU …. [H]e resonated with COLD’s desire that every CSU student would have access to (essentially) the same resources regardless of where they (the students) are physically located.”

3.  Thinking about:  The UC-CSU libraries relationship. This holy grail of actually HAVING a (meaningful, systemwide, sustained) relationship has turned up again on our agendas. Mark Stover and I are developing a dialog with the UC university librarians, beginning with  the UC libraries’ increasingly pressing need for more space for stored collections, as they run out of capacity at the big northern and southern RLF’s (Regional Library Facilities).  Some creative thinking may be possible around state-wide solutions that couple the opportunities and challenges of the CSU and UC systems.

Stay cool!