Happy Friday!

This will be a very short one as I’ve been out of the office this week (moving….in town).

1.  Working on:  With Tricia on board (yay!) and Cheryl’s new templates, ExTeam is putting together our budget for the coming year as well as beginning to sketch our budget needs for the year to follow (15-16).  We anticipate some new needs due to increasing enrollments that push our licensing category into the over 20K FTE range; higher student assistant costs due to increases in minimum wage; and will make a case for capital/facilities improvement funds as well as support for new programs.

2.  Excited about:  Next week’s ACRL celebrations.  A big thank you in advance to the team that’s arranged everything – they’ve been simply amazing.

3.  Thinking about:  Digital scholarship centers.  This spring’s CNI meeting – which I didn’t attend – had a special focus on such centers: http://www.cni.org/topics/digital-humanities/f13-lippincott-trends/

Have a great weekend,