Happy Friday!

1.  Working on: COLD budget and strategies for getting more funding so we can do more for our students.  COLD (Council Of Library Deans) and the chancellor’s office team are working on ideas for providing a much bigger “Electronic Core Collection,” aka “Mega ECC.” The CO invests about $12 per student in the ECC today…imagine what we could do by doubling or tripling that number. It would level the playing field and increase access across the state.  I’m working with Karen and Conny to support COLD  by drafting talking points, stories, and infographics about how investing in libraries supports all students at all income levels.

2.  Excited about:  Our participation in this year’s annual Outstanding Student Employee of the Year ceremony.  We are so proud of all our student assistants, for their leadership and creative energy.  Special congratulations to Lauren Young, who was recognized as second runner up in this year’s awards!  And special thanks to the library staff and faculty who nurture and support all our gifted and inspiring young colleagues.

3.  Thinking about:  Returning to the “working on” theme:  at a recent Inclusive Excellence Council meeting, we were joined by a student who shared her experiences as a lower socioeconomic status (SES) student at Cal Poly.  Especially at our campus this issue may be isolating and invisible. Among the challenges she described that lower SES students face, are not having a home to go to when the residence halls close during breaks, not getting credit for a course because they can’t afford it, and not being able to buy textbooks.  (And that’s an issue that Dana and others are helping us address, through OATS and other exciting programs this spring – stay tuned!)

I hope you’re able to join the conversation with Cal Poly author Mary Stewart Atwell and professor Elizabeth Adan this morning at 10 am, in 111H.

Have a great weekend.